Garter Belts

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Garter belts were once a necessity. There was no other way for a woman to hold up her stockings, and stockings were something one simply did not go without. With the invention of pantyhose in 1959, however, garter belts seemed as though they might go the way of the Dodo.

Garter Belts for Fun

It only took about a decade, however, for garters to reemerge on the fashion scene. By the 1970s, people realized that garter belts might not be a necessity, but they sure were a whole lot of fun! Whether worn for a special evening out, a romantic evening at home, or a formal event such as a wedding, garters are still going strong to this day!

Some women choose to wear separate belts, with straps attached for holding up stockings. Other women prefer corsets or merry widows that have the garters attached to the bottom. Either look is extremely flattering, and very sexy.

You can even find garters that are attached to slimming girdles. Many open bottom girdles feature garters on the bottom, meant to hold up silk stockings or nylons. You can easily find all these wonderful types of lingerie online.

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