Garter Belts

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Women and men everywhere are rediscovering the charm, luxury, and sensuality of garter belts. With the revival of vintage clothes comes a new appreciation for classic undergarments such as stockings and garter belts. Although in America the term "stockings" is often used interchangeably with "pantyhose," in the industry, "stockings" are two separate leg pieces that are held up by the garter belt.

This is the garter belt's only use. For this end, garter belts have been designed with variations of four to twelve straps, or garters. The larger the number of garters, the more the garter belt's holding power. The garters have clips at the ends that hook onto the tops of the stockings.

Variations in Garter Belts

Yet even here there exist variations. Some clips are metal, and others are plastic. Some garters are ultra-thin for elegance in appearance, while others are extra-thick for heavy duty holding power. The material from which the garter belt is made also varies widely, from semi-lustrous charmeuse to sexy black and red vinyl, elegant brocade to wild nylon-Lycra leopard prints.

Garter belts also come in vintage styles. Sensuous red satin garter belts with black straps and ribbing convey an early 20th century cabaret feel. White, lacy garter belts with Victorian scalloping details bring us even farther back to the previous century. New variations that take us out of the strict "belt" definition include garter panties and garter shorts. Garter belts are also offered in plus sizes and comfortable stretch versions to accommodate all body types.

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