Garter Stockings

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Garter stockings are a convenient way to enjoy the whole garter belt-and-stockings combination without all the fuss that goes along with these accessories. Some people enjoy the little details of intimate apparel, such as clasps, hooks, straps, and the like. For these people, these details are part of the fun of wearing this kind of intimate apparel, and tending to them becomes an enjoyable ritual.

Some people, on the other hand, enjoy the look of all these little details put together, but not having to go through all the steps to make it possible. Some feel they don't have the time for it. Others get nervous about all these details. After all, this is intimate apparel we're talking about. By its very nature, it is an emotionally invested subject.

Trouble-Free Garter Stockings

When we experience technical difficulties with our undergarments, it can provoke a great deal of anxiety and embarrassment. What if one of the garter clips breaks? What if the stockings become unhooked from the garters? Not everyone shares these worries, of course, but for those who do, they can be powerful obstacles.

Garter stockings are the perfect solution for people who want the sexy look of stockings without having to deal with all the details. This unique hosiery permanently combines a waistband, garters, and both stockings into one solid unit that pulls on easily. One can choose between a variety of styles, such as back seams, reinforced heels and toes, fishnets, and lace tops. To avoid slippage and sagging, garter stockings are sized accordingly, in regular as well as plus sizes.

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