Garters And Stockings

Written by Liza Hartung
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Do you ever have those times when you need to feel sexy, and you need to feel sexy now? What about those times when you just want to know that you're wearing something sexy under your clothes? The perfect remedy for both of these situations is to wear a garter and stockings. There is something timelessly sexy about this look. In fact, it's nothing new.

Beginning in the 19th century, stockings started to become popular. Contraptions attached to a tight corset were holding them up. We have Mary Phelps Jacob to thank that we aren't wearing cumbersome corsets today. In 1913, this lovely lady invented something new to hold up stockings. They were shorter and softer than the traditional corset. They weren't quite garters, but they definitely weren't corsets.

Her invention also allowed for breasts to be shaped naturally, instead of pushing them in all sorts of directions to meet a certain standard. She got a patent and eventually sold it to the Warner Company. In the 1920s, the corset was shrunk to merely a belt to hold stockings in place. Since then, we have seen many different styles and cuts. We have seen the garter go from practical to sexy.

The Allure of the Garter

Today, garters and stockings are considered extremely sexy. One flash of a garter peeking out of a hiked-up skirt is enough to send many into a tizzy. When you want to have a night with the one you love and don't want him to be able to say no, go with a garter and stocking. High heels and a sexy top add nice touches as well.

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