High Heels

Written by Rachel Arieff
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High heels are one of the sexiest, most riveting articles of clothing one can wear. The visual power of the high heel is unmistakable. Besides the striking image of the heel with the elevated arch of the foot, a high heel gives a wonderful boost to the entire line of the leg. It also elevates the line of the backside, defining the buttocks and firming up the whole area.

This is because high heels work the muscles in the legs and buttocks. Flat-soled shoes don't engage the leg muscles as do high heels. Those who wear high heels regularly often report a general firming-up of the thighs, calves and buttocks, and sometimes the abdomen. At the same time, however, one must be careful and conscientious with high heels.

Finding Healthy High Heels

It's well known that high heels can have a detrimental effect on one's body if they're overused, too big or small for one's feet, poorly designed, or made of poor quality materials. Some, citing these concerns, have reluctantly sworn off high heels altogether. However, unless one suffers from an arthritic condition, it's really not necessary to go this far. Today more than ever, it's possible to find beautiful high heels that aren't physically punishing.

For example, there are now high heels on the market that resemble the classic stilettos, but actually sport a much thicker heel. The thickness occurs on the posterior side of the heel, so that it can't be seen in the profile view. To the viewer, it looks like the classic stiletto. To the wearer, however, it's another world altogether. Ankle straps and lace-up styles that cover and support the top of the foot are other attractive style options for comfortable high heels.

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