Holiday Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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Holiday lingerie will make your holidays that much more memorable. We all have fond holiday memories. When we think back, we think of family, food, presents, decorations and music. However, what if you looked back and got a particular memory of some fun nights with silky, lacy lingerie and the one you love? That wouldn't be too awful, would it?

There are so many fun holiday themes that you can play off of with your lingerie. The most obvious is to go with red and green colors. You might even want to get some little elf shoes just to add some humor. We sometimes forget that these special nights are supposed to be fun. We get so serious about making sure the night is romantic and sensual. What about some laughter in there?

I'm not suggesting that you should be laughing for the entire evening, but a little laughter can ease tension and help get things started in the right direction. You can add humor to your holiday lingerie not only with elf shoes, but also with a reindeer antler headband or even a cute Santa hat with a bell on the end. For some unexpected surprises, bring Santa's gift bag along with you.

Holiday Cheer

Peruse online and see what kinds of lingerie outfits you find that strike you. You might want a velvety camisole with matching panties. It might be a garter and stocking set that hits you. The important thing is to get what you like. If you don't feel sexy, it will come across and the evening won't go as you had expected.

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