Intimate Chemise

Written by Liza Hartung
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I firmly believe that every woman should have at least one or two good chemise nighties in her closest. Have one that's racy and one that's subtly sexy. You can get whatever kinds of patterns, materials or cuts that you like. You just never know when you're going to need one. If you have a couple on call, you will be able to open your closet and not worry. You're all set.

You might have a night when you're getting ready for bed, brushing your teeth and washing your face, and you suddenly feel the mood strike you. You grab for your sheer baby blue chemise. The night has begun. Equally as likely is a night when you're alone, feeling kind of yucky and you have the urge to feel sexy all by yourself. Run a bath, soak, light some candles, put on some music that you like and shave your legs. When you get out, put on your animal print chemise.

You can find these preciously sexy nighties in velvet, lace, sheer, silk and satin. You can probably find them in more homey materials such as cotton, but for a great sensual feel, get a material that tickles your sense of touch. It should be something that you just want to keep running your hands along.

The Recent Chemise

It hasn't always been that we have had such fun and exotic choices for our chemise nighties. These used to just be cotton or flannel. They were put to "practical" use by being used for nighttime slumber. If they were sexy, they were kept behind closed doors. Now, however, our society is fairly open about them being used as tantalizing nightwear.

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