Intimate Gifts

Written by Liza Hartung
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Men, are you racking your brains wondering what to get your significant other for a special occasion? Women, are you wondering what to get for your female friends? Lingerie is almost always a wonderful option. Not many people think of this as their first choice for a gift, or even any choice. There are a few occasions when lingerie is given, almost expected, but that's about it.

Women give lingerie to friends for a bachelorette party. Men will give lingerie to women for Valentine's Day or perhaps for Christmas. What about birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions? Sometimes men feel that they will be perceived as selfish if they give lingerie to their significant other. They think the woman will think, "This is really a gift for him. Why didn't he get me something else?"

Men, unless your lady has told you something specifically, this isn't true. We like getting lingerie. When men buy lingerie for women, the women feel attractive. They feel desired and fetching. Women love feeling like this. In addition, it adds to, or begins, their collection of lingerie. Most women like to have a few sexy nighties lying around just in case.

Women, Give Gifts of Lingerie

The bigger issue with giving lingerie as a gift is for women to give it to their female friends. Usually, when we can't think of anything good, we head straight to the body products. Isn't that right? What about lingerie? It doesn't matter if your friend has a significant other or not. Women should be supporting each other in womanhood. Encourage each other to feel sexy, with or without a man.

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