Kids Flip-flops

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Kids flip-flops are more fun than ever. First and foremost, they're of a better quality than children's flip-flops of the past. This is important, for there is a disturbing tendency towards poorly-made products in the kid's clothing world. When it comes to shoes, especially those such as flip-flops, this becomes a safety issue that parents can't ignore.

Every year, many accidents are caused by poorly-made flip-flops that suddenly come apart, often while the child is running or engaged in some kind of physical activity. Not only do these accidents cause suffering for the child, but they're also unnecessary and entirely preventable. We don't tend to think of our children's clothing and shoes as being potential health hazards, but they can be if we don't purchase wisely.

More about Kids Flip-Flops

When it comes to kids' shoes, we need to make sure that they're of high-quality materials and sturdy construction. Second, and of paramount importance for kids, they must be attractive and fun. This is where kids flip-flops can really excel, because their very nature implies fun: summer time, no school, sunshine, and hanging out at the pool.

Add to that all the great colors and fun designs that are available, and you've got a hot item on your hands. Of course, a nice price and high-quality construction will seal the deal. This season's hot items in kids flip-flops include girls' styles in vibrant colors with beads, sequins, and other exotic details. For boys, the trend is sturdy flip-flops with colorful straps and thick rubber soles that can really take a pounding on the pavement.

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