Knee Highs

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Knee highs aren't just for school girls anymore. If you haven't noticed, they've been making a comeback for adult women as well. Paired with slacks or a miniskirt, knee high socks can be the perfect accent to any ensemble.

When shopping for any womens hosiery, I prefer quality and great value over instant savings. Sure, you can buy incredibly cheap socks almost anywhere, but do you really want them in polyester? I don't think so!

Which Knee Highs Do You Prefer?

I prefer to purchase my knee highs from designers I trust to deliver great quality and style at a fair price. To me, it's worth it to pay $5 more for fine hosiery if it will outlast another brand, while looking great at the same time. The lesson I've learned over the years - and I apologize for the cliche, but it happens to be true - is that you get what you pay for.

Besides, top designers usually have the best-looking merchandise. For a clothes horse like me, that's important! Whatever your priorities are when shopping for knee highs, if you feel your purchases were exactly what you were looking for or better, then you'll walk away from the purchasing counter a winner.

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