Lace Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Lace bras are what most people picture when you mention the idea of sexy underwear. Bras are an everyday necessity for most women in our society, but making the bra lacy adds just a little bit of romance to the routine. If you have thus far denied yourself the pleasure of lace bras, it may time to reconsider that decision.

The Allure of Lace Bras

So let's pretend it's morning and you're getting ready for your day. As you towel off from your shower and begin dressing, one of the first things you do is slip on a lace bra. Then you stop for a moment and appreciate the image you see before you in the mirror: this is a woman with taste, style, and elegance.

Once you finish getting dressed, the bra (if it's truly comfortable) then disappears from your thought. You go about your day, doing the things you do, but every now then stop and remember that underneath those clothes, you're wearing something truly beautiful. It's sure to up your confidence level and help you through the day, even though it's a just a little something extra.

Lace bras are also a great investment for the woman who wants to excite her lover. If the sexual relationship is getting stale, imagine his or her reaction when you take off your shirt to reveal a truly sexy, lacy bra. And as lacy bras come in a variety of colors, the possibilities are endless.

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