Lace Corsets

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Lace corsets are rarely made entirely of lace. Those lace corsets which are primarily made of lace are usually meant to be worn exclusively as lingerie. Instead of categorizing these items as girdles and shapeware for women, I would consider them to be playful bedroom items. These corsets are, indeed, quite lacy, but they will provide very little waist cinching or shaping.

Lace Corsets as Shapeware

Other lace corsets provide genuine shaping and support, but these are usually cloth garments which are edged with lace. For instance, bridal corsets made of white brocade and trimmed with a lacy white edge would be considered a type of lace corset. The wearer gets to enjoy the frilly delicacy of lace, coupled with the strength of brocade.

Corsets seem to inspire more devotion than any other type of foundation wear. Not only have corsets been around for thousands of years, but they are still going strong today. Unlike girdles or petticoats, corsets seem to ignite the imaginations of myriad designers and consumers. Everyone from fetishists to brides loves corsets.

How can one explain this rabid devotion? I can only imagine that it has something to do with the essential female shape. The feminine form is, in its essence, an hourglass. Corsets are the items which most perfectly mirror this shape. Unlike stockings, which highlight the leg, or cinchers, which show off the waist, corsets enhance and highlight the feminine core--the curved torso.

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