Lace Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you need to feel really sexy or you have some very special night planned, you'll want to consider lace lingerie. This is very different from silky lingerie. The silky intimates are good for feeling. They feel wonderful against freshly shaven legs. They glide over your body and fall gracefully. Lace, however, is meant for a bit more of a tease. It's about hiding, but hinting at, all the fun parts of the body.

Lace lends itself to being see-through, although it isn't see-through material. Let me explain. A body stocking, or a sheer shirt, those are see-through. Lace is only see-through where there isn't any fabric. Where there is fabric, however, you can't see what's underneath. This is why lace is so wonderful. If it is placed in just the right way, no one can resist.

Looking at Lace

The point of lace lingerie is not to show everything. Yes, it will most likely be revealing, but if you wanted to show everything you could just stand there with no clothes on. Lace should make the imagination wander, but provide a definite wandering path. The most important thing is that you feel sexy.

If you don't feel sexy in your lingerie, your partner will be able to tell. There's nothing worse than a woman in lingerie who doesn't know she's sexy. You've got to know it. I have seen women of all shapes, sizes and colors who were extremely sexy. It was because they gave off that energy. They felt it within themselves. Believe me, others noticed.

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