Lace Top Stockings

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Lace top stockings are nylon or lycra stockings with a band of ornate lace detailing at the top. This lace is of a stretch variety to conform to the stocking's fit on the leg. Two types of lace top stockings exist. The first type is meant to be used with a garter, and the second type is freestanding, requiring no garter.

Garter lace top stockings are the traditional stocking prototype, designed before the invention of silicone bands in stocking tops. The garter's clips or buttons attach to the lace top, which should be designed with high reinforcement to withstand runs and rips. A cheaply designed lace top stocking, on the other hand, may not be able to withstand the stress of the garter attachments pulling on the lace top. Rips or deformities to the lace top's form may result.

Freestanding Lace Top Stockings

Freestanding lace top stockings, also known as "hold-up" stockings, are a modern innovation on the lace top theme. These stockings are a good choice for people who don't want to deal with garter belts and their related attachments. Hold-up stockings contain a band of silicone rubber on the inner part of the lace top.

This silicone band comes in direct contact with the skin, forming a firm grip on it to hold the stocking up. The grip should be comfortable, with no irritating sensations of itching, pulling or burning. Silicone is the chosen material for hold-up stockings because it is less likely to provoke allergic reactions or other skin irritations.

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