Latex Waist Cinchers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Latex waist cinchers are playful and erotic. Latex waist cinchers usually come in shiny black, and can be worn as lingerie, or as outerwear. Latex waist cinchers are part of a long history of erotic girdles and shapeware for women, and they have their history in corsets and other ancient garments.

The Origins of Latex Waist Cinchers

In today's day and age, we might claim that the biggest difference between a man's body and a woman's body are the breasts. In past ages, however, I'm certain they would have pointed to the waist as the biggest difference. Men's bodies are straight up and down, and women's are curved like hourglasses.

Cinching the waist in tight to make it smaller has been a part of fashion for centuries on end. Consider this: bras weren't created until the early 1900s. Before bras, corsets were necessary for lifting the breasts, as well as cinching the waist.

As years went by, the materials which formed the corsets changed. Hundreds of years ago, women were laced in, making it necessary for another woman to help one dress. Embroidered hooks and eyes followed, along with whalebone boning Metal hooks and eyes were replaced by zippers, eventually. Today, one of the most popular styles of corset is made of latex, a modern material with a very modern look.

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