Lilyette Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Lilyette bras, a division of Maidenform, are specially designed for the full figure woman. While many companies make full figure underwear, Lilyette is committed to making such underwear of only the highest quality. And in addition to making quality pieces, Lilyette believes in affordable prices.

Why Buy Lilyette Bras?

If you're a full figure woman, you know what a pain bra shopping can be. Though many women dream of a large bust line, it can actually be more of a burden than a joy when it comes to finding bras. All too often the bra strap in the back cuts into the skin or rolls under the weight of the bust while the cups can sag and not provide enough support.

You're likely to find Lilyette bras a welcome relief if you've been disappointed with the quality of full figure bras thus far. Lilyette bras are made of the finest materials and each bra is designed with the typical complaints of full figure women in mind. If you try on a Lilyette bra, you'll find the bra strap stays where it's supposed to without cutting into your back and the cups provide adequate support.

Lilyette bras also come in a wide variety of cuts, colors and designs. Some are more practical in nature (backless, seamless, etc,) while others are more attractive. Yes, it's true, Lilyette makes beautiful bras so the full figure woman can be proud and feel attractive in her underwear.

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