Lingerie Fashion

Written by Liza Hartung
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When we women want to look and feel sexy, we have many lingerie choices. We have bras, panties, pantyhose, gowns, baby dolls, nighties, corsets and more. They come in red, black, white, pastels and a whole host of patterns. They can be made of velvet, suede, lace, satin or silk. Perhaps the sexiest thing about lingerie is the material it's made of. Different materials can be very sensual.

Lingerie is generally made with the materials I mentioned previously because those are materials that stimulate our sense of touch. We like to run our hands along velvet and suede. We do it with clothing, jackets, furniture and curtains. Men and women alike wear satin or silk shirts because of the way they feel on the body, the way they hang away from some places and cling to others.

Lace is a slightly different matter. Unless it's made with one of the more sensual materials, it really doesn't go with touch as much. However, lace is associated with lingerie because of its hide-and-seek quality. It's a kind of peek-a-boo material, which lends itself very well to the sexiness of lingerie.

Keep It On

If lingerie were meant to be taken off immediately, it wouldn't be made of such wonderful materials. Many women don't quite get this connection. Don't throw your lingerie on the floor the moment your special someone sees you with it on. Use the materials. When you purchase lingerie, don't just see what it looks like on, feel it as well. Get something that makes you feel sensual and irresistible.

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