Lingerie Panties

Written by Liza Hartung
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One of the most essential pieces of a lingerie outfit is the panty. You can pair anything with a good pair of panties. You can wear a bra, a tank top, a garter and hose, a nightie or a baby doll. All of these things practically require that you wear some form of undies. You can go with boy-style, low-rise, thong, high cut, tie at the sides or whatever you like. Lingerie panties are important.

Without the panties, the rest of the outfit tends to lose its mystique. Yes, you are wearing lingerie, so there is some mystery taken away by that fact alone. However, the best lingerie getups are ones that reveal, reveal, reveal and then cover right where it counts. Panties, I would say, cover right where it counts.

The great thing is that pretty much every lingerie manufacturer in the entire world realizes how important panties are. They are not only sexy to our partners, but they make us feel sexy. I know many women who wear lacy, racy and fun panties virtually every day just to know that they're there. These women know they look good under their clothes, so they have more confidence just going about their business.

Pick-Me-Up Panties

There are so many designs, colors, cuts and materials of panties nowadays that you could probably own a different pair for every day of the year. If you are feeling a little down in your life, let me give you something fun to do. Throw out all your old underwear. Don't think about it, just do it. Then, peruse the Internet or make some shopping trips. Buy nothing but panties that you adore and make you feel sexy. You'll love it.

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