Low Rise Tights

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Low rise tights say "sexy" in the newest, hippest way. I just adore my new collection of sexy miniskirts. However, they've gotten extra-sexy in recent years due to their ever-lowering waistlines. No wonder school principals are in such a tizzy!

Luckily, I am a grown woman and I have the freedom to wear what I want. I also take responsibility, though, for what I'm wearing. In my opinion, nothing's more irresponsible than wearing a low-waisted miniskirt with high-rise tights! Eek! Fashion police, where are you?

Low Rise Tights for the Hip-Hugging Crowd

This is especially inexcusable when perfectly wonderful low rise tights are available through top designers of womens hosiery. Maybe it's just that not enough women know about these tights. If so, then I'm on a personal mission to broadcast it to the world!

The waistband of low rise tights falls well below the navel, so you can show off your belly button in style, without being bisected right through the midsection by an intrusive high waistband. Your tights will then work for you, making your legs look fabulous, in bold or subtle colors of your choosing. In the meantime, your tummy will do its own work by just looking great!

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