Maidenform Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Maidenform bras have been around since the 1920s and have, in that time, proven to be some of the highest quality bras available on a nationwide level. Whereas many mass-produced bras skimp on quality fabric, Maidenform bras are made of only the best materials. And when it comes to style and design, Maidenform bras are number one in comfort, practicality and versatility.

But don't assume that, because Maidenform bras are both practical and comfortable, they won't be pretty. Maidenform makes all its bras, even its most function-oriented bras and panties, with an eye for elegance and beauty. After all, every woman deserves to feel beautiful underneath her clothes and providing her with attractive lingerie is one way to make that dream a reality.

Design Principles Behind Maidenform Bras

Maidenform bras were the brainchild of a seamstress by the name of Enid Bissett, a dressmaker in New York City. Though the flat-chested look was popular at the time, Enid Bisset felt that dresses hung better on women when their bust line wasn't so restricted. Her unique approach to this quandary was to develop the first bra.

Bras have obviously evolved quite a bit since then, but a few things remain the same: for one, Maidenform is still committed to providing women with the most comfortable types of lingerie. Another principle of the Maidenform company is that every woman, no matter what her need, should be able to find a bra that suits her. To meet that goal Maidenform continues to push forward and continually design new types of bras and underwear in order to meet the lingerie needs of all women.

Different Types of Maidenform Bras

Maidenform manufactures a wide variety of bras and underwear, so no matter what your need, you're more than likely to find an item that works if you shop Maidenform. In the bra department, Maidenform makes soft cup bras, underwire bras, push up bras, demi cup bras and a slew of other designs. Their underwear line follows the same pattern: you can get everything from thongs to boy shorts to bikinis to briefs.

For the fuller figure woman, there's a division of Maidenform called Lilyette that specializes in support bras and minimizer bras. If you're more interested in shapewear, you should check out the Maidenform Flexees collection. Last but not least, brides-to-be can take a gander at the One Fabulous Moment collection for special occasion intimates.

Where to Find Maidenform Bras

If you want to peruse and perhaps try on some Maidenform bras, your best bet is a local department store. Both high-end stores (i.e. Bloomingdale's and the like) and more affordable stores (i.e. Macy's, Kohls and Mervyns) all carry Maidenform bras. There are also Maidenform outlet stores and independent retailers located throughout the country.

If you're comfortable ordering things online, you could try that route. You don't get the benefit of trying the bras on, but the return policy is pretty reasonable, so if the item isn't what you were expecting, you should be able to get your money back.

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