Maidenform Longline

Written by Diane Sievert
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Maidenform Longline bras are the best around if you need an extended bra or brassiere. These bras are typically necessary for backless clothes--the closure is situated just above the waist and the cups are then placed at the top of an extended front. This leaves your back open and ready for display!

Different Types of Maidenform Longline Bras

One of the more popular styles of Maidenform Longline Bras is the One Fabulous Moment cut. This bra is made of a smooth and silky microfiber fabric that's terribly comfortable, an important thing when you consider this type of bra covers a lot more skin than your average bra. At the top are situated two cups complete with stretch foam pads which provide shaping and support.

For the fuller figure woman, the Lilyette line may be the better choice as Lilyette makes another one of the best Maidenform Longline Bras. This support bra is seamless which makes it totally invisible underneath one's clothes. It's also made of smooth fabric, a combination of nylon and lycra, so the bra moves with you.

Not every woman out there needs a longline bra--I don't happen to own any backless clothes, so it's not a necessity for me. However, if you're the type of woman who has a slew of special occasions to attend and you like the backless look, it's time to start shopping. And if you go with Maidenform Longline bras, you won't be disappointed.

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