Maidenform One Fabulous Fit

Written by Diane Sievert
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Maidenform One Fabulous Fit is yet another one of Maidenform's most popular lingerie lines. Launched in 2002, Maidenform One Fabulous Fit is a collection that combines old standards of comfort and attraction with the latest advancements in textiles. It's easy to understand then how it would quickly become the number one selling bra in U.S. department stores.

Values of the Maidenform One Fabulous Fit Collection

As the new century began, Maidenform took notice and reevaluated their use of materials. It had been decades since Maidenform toyed with the idea of using new and different materials. It was decided that the time had come to take advantage of all the technological advancements made in the field of textiles.

From this decision, Maidenform One Fabulous Fit was born. Not only does this collection make use of more technologically advanced materials, it also pays heed to the newest improvements in support, comfort, and overall fit. The end result is a lingerie line that is sure to meet the needs of all women, young and old, large and small alike.

Customer testimonials demonstrate that most women like the feel of the new materials--they're supposed to be easy on the skin. These testimonials also show that Maidenform One Fabulous Fit looks great under clothes--there are no protrusions to be found. It even comes in a shapewear line, One Fabulous Body.

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