Maidenform Thongs

Written by Diane Sievert
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Maidenform thongs, unlike many others, are designed with comfort, practicality, and fashion in mind. It's unfortunate but true that many of the thongs made today neglect these very important issues. If you buy Maidenform, however, you're sure to be pleased with the end result.

The Principle Behind Maidenform Thongs

When Maidenform goes to make a thong, the first aspects considered are comfort and practicality. Most women wear thongs for their usefulness, so Maidenform manufactures a number of different thongs for different purposes (i.e., low rise thongs, invisible thongs, etc.). However, many women find thongs rather uncomfortable, so Maidenform has done its best to use only the most comfortable fabrics when designing their thongs.

Though comfort and usefulness are at the top of the list, they are not the only aspects that affect the Maidenform design principle. Fashion is just as important and can easily be detected as soon as one peruses any collection of Maidenform thongs. Even if you're the only one who gets a look at your underwear, it's important to feel attractive; wearing a pretty thong is one way to boost your own confidence level and drive your lover, if you have one, totally wild.

Maidenform thongs also come in many different styles so that you're sure to find a thong that suits your needs. If you want a super light and versatile thong, consider their One Fabulous Fit line, but if you're thinking lacy and racy, the Feeling Sexy design may be more your speed. Whatever it is you want in a thong, Maidenform is sure to have it.

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