Male Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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How many of you men feel a little left out when it comes to lingerie? Do you feel a little slighted that you don't have the many wonderfully sexy choices that women do? Men like to feel sexy just like women do. Human beings in general like to look good. It helps with confidence and a sense of self. We all know that looking good is almost directly related to how we feel.

This is why men deserve a little piece of the lingerie world. Now, I don't mean that they need to go around in silk nighties and velvet thongs. Simple silk boxers do wonders. Men like the feel of silk just as much as women do. It feels good against their skin, and they know others like the feel of silk. Most men don't like to wear silk boxers for daily wear, though.

Many men have told me that, as fun as silk boxers may be in the bedroom, they can get quite clingy when worn under jeans or khakis. Therefore, ladies, when you are thinking of purchasing a pair of boxers for your man, think about the material you are getting and the intention behind the gift. You don't want to fill his drawers, if you will, with silk. Men like good solid cotton boxers as well.

Playful Male Lingerie

If you have a man that's up to it, you can get playful in your lingerie purchases. Consider red satin thongs for a great Christmas or Valentine's Day gift. You might find them hilarious, and you might find them sexy. The important thing is to be open to whatever happens. If you laugh, so what?

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