Microfiber Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Microfiber bras haven't been around for a terribly long time; all things considered, they are a fairly new advancement in bra technology. Since their invention, however, they've been snatched up by women worldwide and it's not hard to understand why. If you're intrigued, the following guide spells out the reasons so many women today are buying microfiber bras.

Benefits of Buying Microfiber Bras

One the best things about microfiber bras is their comfort factor. Cotton bras were, for quite a long time at least, the standard when it came to comfortable fabric: many women felt the way cotton allowed their skin to breathe was unparalleled. Microfiber bras offer the same comfort but have other benefits.

Unlike cotton bras, which can be rather clunky at times, microfiber bras move with your body. Like lycra and spandex bras, microfiber bras cling to skin so as to disappear underneath one's clothes. If you want a bra that's totally invisible once you're dressed, a microfiber bra might be the answer.

Another reason microfiber bras are so comfortable is their versatility. Microfiber bras can be used as support bras or controlwear. The fabric is strong enough to support women with unusually large breasts and it can be used in minimizer bras to reduce the size of the bust line.

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