Natural Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Natural bras are coming back in style even though the push up craze is not behind us. The concept of a natural bra is actually quite foreign to the younger generations who have only known a time of high function bras. The idea of a bra that does nothing but provide minimal support and adequate coverage may sound revolutionary to some, but it's an idea worth entertaining.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Natural Bras

Natural bras, many women argue, tend to be a lot more comfortable than your average push-up or padded bra. Without all that extra fuss, the breast is allowed to simply rest as it would naturally. The end result is a level of comfort most women have never experienced.

Another nice thing about natural bras is that they tend to provide a lot more coverage than your average bra. The bra cup of a natural bra fully encapsulates the breast so as to provide adequate support. While it may feel strange at first, it can actually be quite cozy and relaxing once you get used to it.

The two biggest complaints when it comes to natural bras are their lack of function and their overall sense of style. Many women feel that a bra must make their bust line look better and they therefore find natural bras to be utterly useless. Natural bras also tend to be rather plain--their total lack of decoration and style make them unattractive to some.

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