Open Bottom Girdles

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Open bottom girdles leave you room to breathe while doing the job they're meant to do, which is to provide support for the lower abdomen, waist and hips. Open bottom girdles are distinct from panty girdles, which have a closed, built-in panty bottom. This second type of girdle, by its very construction, offers less ventilation and freedom than the open bottom style. Thus, wearers who value these attributes tend to prefer open-bottom girdles.

Open bottom girdles come in two basic types: pull-on styles or those with zipper closings. Pull-on styles almost always consist of stretch fabric, such as Lycra or a nylon-Lycra blend, for ease of use. Pull-on girdles offer a perfectly smooth, seamless fit all around, and may be offered in a choice of different lengths for variable abdominal coverage. For those who would like more support in the abdomen, the longer versions of these girdles offer uninterrupted support.

Zippered Girdles and Other Options

Pull-on girdles generally require a bit more effort to put on and take off. For larger body types, this may be more difficult. For those who would like to minimize struggle and annoyance, zippered girdles are a good choice. These types of girdles are easy to get into the desired position on the body and then zip up for a snug, firm fit. With these girdles, the zipper may be located in the front, back, or sides.

Girdles also come with built-in garter straps for use with stockings. Some girdle styles may also offer the option of removable straps. Garter straps should be adjustable, with high quality clips that you can count on for a dependable grip. Many people prefer metal clips to plastic because they feel that metal holds better. Other features that girdles may offer are net panels for comfort, spandex panels for extra support, additional garter straps, and boning for an even flatter line.

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