Over The Knee

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Over the knee socks are my new favorite accessory! I absolutely adore these colorful, nylon-lycra blend socks. Taller than knee highs but shorter than thigh high hosiery, over-the-knees add the perfect colorful and stylistic flair to my outfits.

Over the knee socks are also commonly known as boot liners, and for good reason. They look absolutely fabulous with short skirts and tall, sexy boots! Their fabric should be like that of a good quality pair of tights, and stretches comfortably with you while hugging your legs nicely.

Choose the Over the Knee Socks that Are Right for You!

Which do you prefer: basic colors or bold, splashy ones? Perhaps you have various outfits that require both color schemes. Over the knee socks come in a variety of hues from subtle to vibrant to suit your wardrobe's color palette.

Over-the-knee-highs in basic colors add a bit of whimsy to your look, while brighter-colored ones add a funky flair. I myself love to wear bright chartreuse or purple over-the-knees to create an outfit that really makes a statement. That statement could be summed up in the immortal words of my childhood pop icon, Cyndi Lauper: "Girls just want to have fun!"

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