Petticoats And Slips

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Petticoats and slips are both worn underneath dresses and skirts, but for different reasons. Petticoats are worn to add fullness to a skirt. Many women to this day wear petticoats underneath their bridal gowns, because wedding gowns are among the few items of modern clothing which still have very full skirts. Slips are usually worn to create smooth lines, and to keep skirts and dresses from being see-through.

The Origin of Petticoats and Slips

The history of petticoats and slips can be traced back to the 1830s, and the invention of the crinoline. The crinoline was the name given to a type of fabric material, which was linen-based, and interwoven with horsehair. The invention of the crinoline created a trend in fashion that favored very full skirts. Eventually, an astounding six crinoline petticoats and slips were meant to be worn underneath a woman's skirt at all times.

Of course, women were greatly relieved when, in 1856, the cage crinoline was introduced. A woman had only to tie one of these hollow cages around her waist, and add a single petticoat on top of it to smooth the lines of cage. This was a vast improvement over wearing six petticoats.

Today, petticoats are worn much less frequently than simple slips. Petticoats are the providence of children, brides, and prom queens. Slips, on the other hand, are worn by any woman who doesn't want people to see through her skirt!

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