Plus Size Girdles

Written by Rachel Arieff
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The plus size girdle is a wonderful tool for larger-sized stocking wearers who want more control over their bodies' contours. Some girdles are designed to be tighter than others. However, all girdles should be designed to support and minimize the midsection without causing discomfort, or interfering with breathing and other functions.

Zipper girdles that zip up the sides are more convenient and comfortable for some wearers, while others prefer the pull-on variety. Plus size girdles, like girdles in general, are offered in two basic styles: panty style, and open bottom design. The panty style is, just as its name suggests, a panty contained within a supportive girdle construction. One can also think of panty style girdles as support panties with garters.

A Good Fit with Plus Size Girdles

The open-bottom style contains no panty feature, but rather fits snugly around the hips, waist and lower abdomen. This style is more like a regular garter, made of a stronger, more supportive material. Obviously, this style "breathes" better than the panty girdle. One important consideration in choosing an open-bottom girdle is to make sure that it doesn't ride up while in use. This is not only annoying, but it also defeats the purpose of a girdle, which is to support all the areas that it's supposed to.

The garters on an open-bottomed girdle do help a bit in keeping the girdle anchored. However, the girdle's construction, more than anything, ensures whether the girdle will ride up or stay put. For example, girdles that are too stiff don't mold as well to the body's contours. These girdles tend to ride up more than those that have a more pliable fit. Generally, an overly stiff girdle means a cheap girdle that should be avoided.

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