Plus Size Hosiery

Written by Liza Hartung
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No matter how tall you are or how much you weigh, hosiery is always a pain. You have to be so careful about putting on stockings because you're afraid you're going to rip a hole in them. You gather up one leg nicely with your thumbs. You point your toes oh so delicately so as not to snag your toenails. You start to roll the stocking up your calf, and you're feeling good. Then you get to your thigh.

This is where we all have a problem. You see the skin start to bunch. The stockings get a little tighter. You're, for some reason, trying to roll them on with grace. We all want to be like the ladies in the stocking commercials. They just move their thumbs up and down and the stockings glide on like she was made of some slippery material.

This is never what happens in real life. Most of the time, we pull our stockings out of their store casing only to pull them on and discover that we have seriously got the wrong size. They either go up to your neck or the crotch stops at your knees. Hosiery is one frustrating invention. However, when the right size is found, it can be very sexy, especially if you have chosen to wear a body stocking for a special evening.

All Those Hose

Body stockings aren't used by many, but they should be. It doesn't matter what size or shape you are. Anything that hugs your body all over except for your head and is see-through is fabulous. I don't know many men who would turn their heads away at that. In addition, if you bring your woman's sexuality to the table, you can't go wrong.

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