Plus Size Sleepwear

Written by Liza Hartung
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So many people overlook sleepwear. We focus on what we wear to the grocery store, to clubs, to work, but what we wear to bed doesn't get half as much attention. The only time we really focus on sleepwear is when it's lingerie. When we know we have an intimate evening coming up, we can spend days and weeks searching high and low for the outfit that makes us feel the sexiest.

However, most of these outfits are worn for 15 minutes, max. After that, they usually aren't worn again for months, if ever. As women, and as sexual beings, we should take more care with what we wear to bed. I know so many people, myself included, who just throw on some old, faded t-shirt and a pair of boxers or giant underwear. Now, this is fine on certain occasions, but let's look at something.

Smooth in Sleepwear

Have you ever had those nights when you take a shower before you go to bed, and you decide to shave your legs because you know how great the sheets feel when you're all smooth? You feel great. You feel clean, beautiful, sexy and ready for a cozy night. You don't have to have someone else in bed with you. It's a simple desire to feel ultra feminine.

This is why I believe that women should have some very fun and sensual pieces of sleepwear. Get some in different materials. You will love the feeling of satin wrapped around you as you drift to dreamland. With a satin nightie, you don't ever have to worry about dealing with satin sheets.

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