Plus Sizes

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Plus sizes in lingerie represent the revolution in clothing for larger women. There used to be a time when, if one required any more than the average "large," it was quite a chore to find what was needed. Often, larger women had to settle for frumpy and dumpy fashion simply because it was the only thing available to them.

This was especially true in the case of lingerie. When it came to the fun and adventure of sexy undergarments, larger women were sadly underrepresented, and oftentimes ignored. Fortunately, all of that has changed. Today, plus size options are routinely available for designs that in the past, only came in small sizes.

The New Selection in Plus Sizes

Of course, we still have to contend with some size unavailability--for example, the one-size-fits-all lingerie and shapewear which is still pretty ubiquitous in stores. However, many choices do exist for plus sizes, and sometimes exclusively so. In fact, the tables have started to turn, with petite women sometimes becoming envious over some of the choices exclusively offered in plus sizes!

There is no clearer example of this change than in the artfully feminine realm of stockings, garters, and shapewear. The same sexy styles in stockings--fishnets, sheer and stretch stockings, full-fashioned stockings, RHT and lace tops--are today available in plus sizes. Garter belt selections are also impressive. Whether we're looking at state-of-the-art support girdles with attached garter straps, or gorgeous Victorian scalloped satin garter belts, these intimates prove that big and beautiful are in no way exclusive.

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