Revealing Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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In order to truly find lingerie that suites you, you have to know the real purpose of lingerie. It is not to reveal things. Yes, most lingerie is revealing. You have sheer fabrics, low cuts, high cuts and cutouts. Lingerie definitely tells the one who sees you in it what you are after. It leads you, generally, to an intimate night. We don't wear lingerie to a corporate job or the doctor's office.

Just because lingerie isn't outdoor winter wear doesn't mean that it is supposed to give everything away. If you wanted to do that, why put anything on at all? Lingerie is intended to hide the very important parts while leading the imagination to think about them. You lead the imagination by showing other parts like your stomach, back and thighs.

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Some lingerie will not hide the important parts. You might have a sheer camisole. In this instance, it's about the fact that there is such a thin layer between your significant other and what's under the camisole. That's what's so enticing. If people preferred to not have this little game, the lingerie industry wouldn't even exist.

I say this to suggest that you keep your lingerie on for a while. Many women have the tendency to peel it all off right away. Allow the imagination to run for a bit. Most of the time, lingerie lets your special someone see you in a light he normally doesn't. He might not have known how sexy you could be.

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