Round The Clock Hosiery

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Round the Clock hosiery is another one of our trusty old standards in womens hosiery. Along with Hanes, Leggs and HUE hosiery, Round the Clock is beloved by millions of women for its value and quality. If you want good prices with dependability, Round the Clock is an excellent choice.

My mother wore Round the Clock hosiery because she didn't like to make a bit fuss over her pantyhose. She had other more important things to worry about. All she wanted was durable hosiery that didn't break the bank. Of course, she wanted it to look good, too, and Round the Clock fit the bill on all counts.

How Round the Clock Hosiery Works for Me

Like my mom, I'm a fan of Round the Clock hosiery as well. For example, I recently bought a pair of Round the Clock sheer pantyhose with a built-in girdle for only twelve dollars. There's no better value than that. The pantyhose is snug and natural-colored, suitable for both daytime wear or a more elegant evening out.

The built-in girdle, on the other hand, keeps the middle part of me where it should be. That's very important to a lady as vain as me! I want to have control over how I look, and in my view, any pantyhose that helps me succeed in that endeavor is well worth the twelve dollars!

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