Seamed Stockings

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Few articles of clothing can provoke as much a reaction as seamed stockings. Seamed stockings have been around since the Second World War, when they made their first huge splash. They've left an indelible mark ever since. Indeed, the image of the perfectly rising seam in a sheer woman's stocking has inspired many a writer, painter and filmmaker over the years.

Seamed stockings were actually invented by the very process of sewing stockings together. In the first decades of nylon stockings, during the 1940s and 1950s, the stockings were constructed by a flat-knit process. The two separate pieces were then sewn together in the back, creating the famous seam.

More Options in Seamed Stockings

Seamed stockings remain popular today, with vintage value heaped atop the classic elements of style, comfort and attractiveness. Many hip young women (and hip young men as well) enjoy the retro look and feel of the seamed stocking. Nowadays, however, the seam can be created in either of two ways. The first is the original way, through the flat knit process, in the fully fashioned stocking. The other alternative is to simply sew a seam onto the back of an already completed stocking.

Though they are the genuine article, fully fashioned stockings are more expensive than the latter alternative. For those on more of a budget, stockings with a sewn-on seam are a fine choice. In addition to options in the actual seam style, other options are also available in seamed stockings, such as seamed pantyhose, Cuban heels and fishnets.

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