Sexy Hosiery

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Sexy hosiery has never been more fun to purchase! These days, sexy hose isn't confined to just the standard fishnets, though those are still the most popular classic! Everything from the retro seam-in-the-back to the thigh-high stocking to glimmering, shimmering goodness is available to the discerning shopper.

Sexy hosiery can run the gamut from classy to trashy, teasing to titillating. It all just depends on your mood and the occasion. Is your purpose a costume party? Valentine's Day? An anniversary? A hot new date?

How to Find Sexy Hosiery for Any Occasion

Whatever the occasion, you can be sure to find the perfect sexy pantyhose if you shop online. Sure, there are a few fabulous specialty stores here and there, and if you live in New York or another major city, you may even be able to take advantage of shopping in them. For the most part, however, hosiery departments have dropped the ball.

I know I've spent one too many afternoons rummaging through poorly-stocked womens hosiery departments, looking in vain for hosiery of the right size, style, brand or color. When you shop at a great online retailer, though, you can actually enter the keywords "sexy hosiery" into a search and be taken right to the selection of the colors, styles, sizes and brands you're looking for.

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