Silk Hosiery

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Silk hosiery really makes a statement. When you want to knock them out with sexy elegance, nothing does the job like silk. Silk hosiery will have your legs looking more femininely smooth and lustrous than ever before.

It's a strange fact, but many women have never even experienced silk pantyhose! We've gotten so used to nylon that we forget there are other options. However, in the earlier part of the 20th century, before the invention of synthetic fabrics such as nylon, silk was the only material in which womens hosiery was made.

Enjoy the Sumptuousness of Silk Hosiery!

Unlike synthetics, silk is a purely natural material. Spun by silk worms, silk has been valued for thousands of years for its soft, smooth and shimmering properties. Unlike synthetics, silk actually breathes, allowing moisture and perspiration from the body to escape.

The natural breathability of silk hosiery means that it cuts down on the embarrassing body or foot odors that are common to wearing nylon hosiery. This is why so many discerning women choose silk leg wear when they shop for fine hosiery. For no matter how far we come in the technological age, we have yet to invent a good substitute for silk.

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