Size Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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Ladies, have you ever noticed that just putting on a sexy piece of lingerie can make you feel like you're on top of the world? It's a feeling that every woman deserves. Most women only go shopping for new lingerie for two occasions. One is for a special day such as an anniversary, Valentine's Day or a boyfriend's birthday. The other is when we don't feel fat. Have you ever noticed that?

I don't know many women who say, "I feel bloated today. I think I'll go shopping for some new lacy lingerie." However, these may be the days when we need it most. It is these days when we tend to put on sweatpants and a large, oversized shirt. We stay at home and hidden. This action can tend to make us feel less attractive, though.

It is on these days when I say we should take a shower with good smelling body soap, shave our legs, put on some make-up, and head out looking good. Even if you only have to go to the grocery store, these actions can help make you feel a little better. Then, at night, throw on some lingerie. You don't have to be wearing it for anyone except yourself. Cook dinner in your silky clothes.

A Fun Evening Alone or Together

Cooking dinner in your lingerie is a very sexy activity. Your significant other will go nuts. Even if you don't have that special someone or you happen to be alone for the night, do this by yourself. Put on some music. Light some candles. This is a wonderful way to get in touch with you being a woman. Don't feel silly doing this on your own. Just give it a try. It's a blast.

I believe that every girl should have at least three different types of lingerie. You never know when you are going to need or want to throw some on. Try to keep them neatly folded or hung on hangers. I have kept mine stuffed at the bottom of drawers before and the silky ones wrinkle easily. It's hard to iron them because of the delicate fabric.

However, if you have done what I have and now discover that your lingerie looks more scrunchy than sexy, use a low heat setting on your iron. For some fabrics, hold the iron about half an inch above and use the steam button. You don't want a big iron stain on the lingerie you were planning to wear in a few hours!

Shopping for Lingerie

Depending on where you live, different lingerie shops will be available to you. If you live in Los Angeles, you have Frederick's of Hollywood, shops all up and down Melrose and shops in Hollywood. Almost everyone can visit a local Victoria's Secret. However, many of these shops can be pricier than we were looking for, or not have the exact outfit we wanted.

In addition, many mainstream retail stores carry middle-of-the-road sizes. Anyone who is plus size or lacking in the chest area can find shopping very frustrating. This is when I go straight to internet shopping. Granted, you can't try things on right then, but you can order a bunch, try them on when they arrive, and send back what doesn't work. With this method, you can take your time trying things on, and you won't be under harsh store light.

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