Skirt Slip Petticoats

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Skirt slip petticoats are made to give skirts and dresses a full, old-fashioned look. Picture the formal dresses of the 1800s. Picture Scarlet O'Hara in her hoop skirts and finery. This will give you some idea of the elegant shape skirt slip petticoats can provide.

Skirt Slip Petticoats for Ease and Comfort

Plus, unlike some girdles and shapeware for women, skirt slip petticoats are very comfortable and easy to wear, right from the get go. Other forms of foundation wear may take some getting used to, but slipping into a petticoat probably won't feel any different from slipping into a skirt. You'll only wish you had more occasions that called for this beautiful and fanciful look!

Full petticoats are usually meant for formal occasions. Women often wear bridal petticoats on their wedding days. Other women may wear petticoats for balls, dances, or very formal dinners or awards shows. This is the kind of look you might wear to the Oscars, or more realistically, to your company's black tie holiday party!

Other than formal events and weddings, women usually only wear petticoats for one other reason--as costumes. If you are an actor, or if you love theatrical events like Renaissance festivals or battle reenactments, chances are you have worn a good deal of foundation wear, including petticoats. You may also have worn corsets, bloomers, and the like. Actors will tell you that this unusual underwear takes some getting used to, but can feel quite comfortable once you have.

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