Soft Lingerie

Written by Liza Hartung
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Many people assume that all lingerie is soft. This is not so. Some of the lacy and sheer pieces are only there for looks, and not so much for the feeling. However, there is a great deal of lingerie out there that is soft. It might be made with velvet, lace, satin, silk or a mix of all four. The mixes are very fun because you really get to titillate your sense of touch.

Since lingerie is generally meant to begin a night of intimacy, you will want the fabric to be something that is soft or fun to touch. You could even use cotton for a kind of fun, just hanging out evening. The most important thing is to get what feels good on your skin. You will be the one wearing the lingerie!

The Touch, The Feel of Fabric

Men, if you are looking for gift ideas, get what you would like to see on your lady. Many men feel that they will be perceived as selfish if they get lingerie for their significant others. On the contrary, most women will take this gift as a sign that you find them alluring, fetching and even foxy. Anything you can do that makes your lady feel desirable will be appreciated. In addition, you will probably get a special thank you.

Shopping with your friends can be a blast as well. How many times have we heard the familiar call of, "Ooh, come over here and feel this"? When you hear that or you find yourself speaking those words, you have probably stumbled upon a good find. If you're shopping online, look for some fabrics that you know you like the feel of.

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Great wash bag for MY bras. I have had 2 that have lasted seevarl years before the zipper pulls finally broke off. They still work, but I have to use a paper clip to open and close the zipper. Not impossible, just a big pain. So, I bought 2 new ones. The cylindrical bag has 2 openings with a separator in the center so your bras won't tangle with the agitation from the washer. You can use for bras or anything delicate (I wash my shoe laces, wool beanie caps, gloves and some panties in them). I don't normally have padded bras so they work fine with the wash and spin. I do have a couple of padded bras and because the bag is collapsable the bras developed creases in the padding from the spin cycle (I knew this but I was being lazy about hand washing). So, if you love your padded bras, I would not suggest this item. Otherwise, I'll keep buying them when mine fall apart.