Stocking Garters

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Stocking garters don't just come attached to garter belts. You can find open bottom girdles with attached garters, corsets with attached garters, and waist cinchers with attached garters. Of course, garter belts are still the most popular type of stocking garters, because they are the lightest and simplest item to wear.

Stocking Garters That Really Work

Have you ever worn a garter belt that didn't hold up your stockings? I've worn belts with stays that kept popping open because they were made of cheap rubber. I'd end up with stockings hanging halfway down my leg before I noticed something was wrong.

If you have experienced this problem, too, I have two suggestions. First, try looking for garter belts with metal garters. They are superior to the rubber bumps and plastic garters that have become popular today.

Second, I suggest buying a belt with more than four stocking garters. Many belts today come with only four garters--one in the front and one in the back for each leg. However, in the past, women wore belts with six or even eight garters. It's an awesome, vintage look, which is just as sexy as the flimsier four garter belt. Plus, it offers a whole lot more staying power.

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