Strapless Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Strapless bras are a lingerie staple for any woman with varied closet contents. If everything you own has sleeves, then strapless bras may not be a wardrobe necessary. Odds are, however, that you own at least one item which requires a strapless bra and you should therefore invest in one good one.

Why Bother with Strapless Bras?

Imagine, if you will, the following situation: you're getting ready for a night on the town and choose to wear a darling dress complete with a halter style neck line. As you're slipping the dress on, you realize that your run-of-the mill bra isn't going to work! No one wants to see your bra straps snaking around your shoulders when the dress's straps tie around your neck.

Some women may prefer to go braless in such an instance, but those women with larger breasts may not have that option; some women need the support of a bra and are uncomfortable going without one. The dress's material will also be an important factor in that decision; a thicker material may conceal your braless breasts, but a light, airy fabric won't provide enough cover. In the end, a strapless bra is probably your best solution.

Strapless bras come in quite handy in situations like the one described above. Strapless bras provide both the support and coverage you need while their strapless quality makes them super useful when tank and tube top season rolls around. If you make a habit of wearing shoulder-baring outfits, you might even consider investing in two or three strapless bras as you're sure to find them useful.

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