Support Bras

Written by Diane Sievert
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Support bras are a necessity for those women who have larger breasts. Failure to properly support the bust line can be rather uncomfortable in the short run and lead to a host of problems in the long run. If you find your back aches at the end of the day because your bra keeps sagging, it may be time to look into support bras.

How to Choose Proper Support Bras

The first thing to consider is what kind of functions other than support you want your bra to perform. For instance, some support bras also function as minimizers so as to reduce the size of the bust line. Other support bras come in strapless or backless styles in case you have a special occasion to attend and the neckline of your dress calls for such lingerie.

If you're looking for a demi cup support bra, your search will be a little tougher. These bras are rather hard to find since the demands required of a typical support bra are not conducive to the demi cup style. That having been said, I know for a fact that there are indeed some brands (Lilyette, for example) that make a deep plunge support bra.

Once you've got your style picked out, it's time to consider fabric and design. Some support bras come in traditional materials, like cotton and satin, while others are made of microfiber. The kind of design you want, (i.e., innocent, racy, etc.) is entirely up to you.

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