Suspender Belts

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Suspender belts, or garter belts, as they're called in America, come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors, as well as a few innovative surprises. Suspender belts sport anywhere from four to twelve straps. The amount of straps you'll need depends on factors such as the type of stocking you'll be wearing and your body type, as well as personal preferences.

Traditional, 100 percent nylon stockings typically require at least six straps, or garters, to hold them up evenly for a proper fit. For this reason, nylon stockings are often called non-stretch stockings. In recent years, a new kind of stocking, called the stretch stocking, was invented. These stockings, which consist of a blend of nylon and Lycra, have more stretch memory and elasticity than pure nylon. Stretch stockings require only four garters for adequate support, though more garters may be used, of course.

How Many Straps on Suspender Belts?

Body type also plays a role in the amount of garter straps one uses. Those with larger legs, especially in the thigh area, are more likely to experience problems with stocking slippage. However, wearing a suspender belt with six or more straps can easily solve this problem. The thickness of the garters makes a difference, too. Garter belts are available with heavy-duty straps specially designed for maximum holding power.

Finally, there is the matter of personal aesthetics. Some people enjoy that "strappy" look, with the more garters, the better. Others prefer more simplicity in their garter lines. For these people, opera hose, requiring short garters, or "link-ups," which do away with the garters entirely, can be fun alternatives. As in most fashion-related issues, the ultimate arbiter in these matters is personal taste and style.

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