Suspender Hose

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Suspender hose are a delightful deception to the human eye. In their visual appearance, suspender hose seem to be a genius hybrid of the stocking and pantyhose. However, in actuality, they contain no panty at all. Rather, suspender hose are a pantyhose look-alike version of the classic garter belt-and-stocking combination.

The exceptions are the more spare styles of suspender hose commonly referred to as "garter belted hose." Garter belted hose appear less like pantyhose with the front and back cut out, and more like hose and a series of belts--one at the waist, and one at each side. However, all of these styles of suspender hose are designed according to the same principle, which is to unify the stockings, garter belt, and garters into one article of elegant lingerie.

More Offerings in Suspender Hose

Additionally, suspender hose come in a variety of sizes. This is important for individuals who have trouble with one-size lingerie. Many types of suspender hose are offered in petite and plus sizes. Other variations in suspender hose are in the details, such as hose with fish net or fence net, leg-lengthening back seams, and reinforced toe and heel detailing.

Fabric density can range from ultra-sheer 10 denier to sensually silky, 20 denier European suspender hose. Fabric content also varies, from classic 100 percent nylon, non-stretch suspender hose, to stretch hose made of Lycra or a nylon-Lycra blend. Stocking tops are another area of individual expression, from classic welt stocking tops to sexy and seductive wide lace tops with matching lace garters and belt.

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