Suspender Stockings

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Suspender stockings is a term for a class of hosiery that is a cross between stockings and pantyhose. To the eye, suspender stockings look like pantyhose with the panty cut out. In fact, the back, sides, and front are open, with usually four suspenders coming down from the waistband, two running down the front and two running down the back of the legs.

The result of this design is a sexy, unique look and a strong visual line, not to mention a cooling effect in hot weather. The "suspenders" refer to the fabric of the hosiery that attaches the stockings to the waistband. This fabric is usually of the same nylon, Lycra, or a nylon-Lycra blend as the stockings, but several shades darker than the stocking material. This creates the striking visual impact of suspender hose.

Where Are Suspender Stockings Available?

Suspender stockings can be found in hosiery and intimate apparel stores, as well as specialty boutiques and some department stores. They can also be found through online boutiques. Some of the most well-known brand names in suspender stockings include Isabella, Leg Avenue, and Cette, a Belgian company. Retail boutiques may also offer their own in-house brand of stockings.

Like any kind of stocking, the design details and quality of suspender stockings will vary. Bargain-priced suspender stockings offer the basics of a sexy shape and a form-fitting nylon, Lycra, or fabric blend. Suspender stockings by the more upscale designers, such as Cette, may offer more in the details, such as a finer fabric, lace trim on the waistband and suspenders, and beautiful detail work on the stocking top.

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