Thigh High Tights

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Thigh high tights are fun and funky to wear. I love wearing thigh highs to spice up any outfit. They can do so much for your wardrobe, depending on which outfits you're wearing, as well as their purpose.

You can wear thigh high pantyhose and tights to work or play. Wear thigh high tights with a corporate ensemble in the daytime and you'll have a nice, definite opaque color rounding out your look. Wear it with short skirts and you get an exciting peek-a-boo effect.

What's Your Purpose with Thigh High Tights?

I have a theory about thigh highs, and thigh high tights in particular. I think the more you show of them, the more they tend to make an irreverent, girlish statement. When you show a lot, they tend toward the flirtatious, even naughty.

I demand that any thigh highs I buy be of the best quality. I love the great designers, but you can definitely find good quality thigh highs for lower prices. What I won't do is pay a penny for bargain-basement womens hosiery that falls apart after one wearing -- or even worse, while I'm wearing it!

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