Wide Lace Lycra Stockings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wide lace lycra stockings are as elegant as they are sexy, which is why they're perfect for bridal wear. Some stockings have only a thin band on top. This can be a very attractive look in its own way, but is a bit more provocative than wide lace lycra stockings.

Wide lace lycra stockings are flirtatious, and a touch naive. This is a frilly and romantic look that looks smashing in white. It can also be a very flattering look for women with heavier hips and thighs, because the band is more opaque than the stocking, creating a slimming illusion.

Wide Lace Lycra Stockings and How to Wear Them

One of the reasons so many women love lycra stockings is that the band of snug lycra helps the stockings to stay in place. Most of these stockings are still intended to be worn with garter belts. The lycra band, however, helps them from pulling out of the garter straps, and from slipping or sagging.

Most brides choose to wear these with solo garter belts. For women who are used to stockings, they can be worn with open bottom girdles. This sounds cumbersome, but is actually really flattering. It's a very vintage look that is sexy and slimming at the same time.

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