Breast Feeding Supplies

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're on the lookout for breast feeding supplies, be assured that your search is going to be a lot easier and faster than if you had opted to bottle feed. Opting to breast feed is a satisfying prospect for any woman, and it can have perks that you'd never even thought of. Breast feeding mothers never have to think about sterilizing bottles anytime, never mind in the middle of the night.

In addition, their milk supply is available at exactly the right temperature any time of the day or night. Unless it has been previously refrigerated that is. If you're a working mom and you need to refrigerate breast milk, please be aware that using a microwave to heat it up with is totally out of the question. Breast milk is the most perfect food for baby, and it contains so many beneficial nutrients of all kinds. Included are valuable enzymes that your baby will use to grow healthy and strong fast.

About Breast Feeding Supplies

These enzymes are just one of the casualties of microwaving, so do the right thing and warm your breast milk by placing the bottle inside a container of hot water until it reaches the right temperature. This may take slightly longer than using the microwave, but your baby's health must come first. You still won't need a long list of breast feeding supplies, as most of what you need will already be available at home.

Aside from bottles and containers for heating the milk if you're using a breast pump, the list of breast feeding supplies you'll need is short. You may find that you need breast shields to protect your clothes from leaking milk. This is especially important to protect your business suits at work. Always take a supply of spare ones with you in your purse.

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